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I’ve always felt somewhat reserved, and have never really been able to fully express my feelings or thoughts through voice, expression, or motion. I don’t think there’s really ever been anything that has pushed me to express myself fully. Until this summer past summer, I don’t think I’ve ever been moved to dance as long as I can remember. It was Sunday night at the Pitchfork Festival, the final night, around 9:45pm, about 30 minutes after Cut/Copy was set to take the stage. We approached the stage during the final moments of Bon Iver’s set, and started pushing our way through to the very front of the stage, leaving us in the perfect place to witness the band I had been listening nonstop for four months. As it got closer and closer to the time of show, the tight space I had squeezed into managed to get even tighter, however I was dead-set on seeing this group perform. As 9:20 approached, I began to grow skeptical/nervous/uneased. Low and behold, it is announced that Cut/Copy’s flight has been delayed in San Francisco, and it looks as if they will not be making it. Immediately, my heart sunk, and I began to grow quite disappointed, ending a festival that had been amazing with such a large letdown. In the meantime, Bradford Cox, King Khan, Nathan Jerde, and of course Jay Reatard, decide to take the stage and do an impromptu set. It was quite interesting what developed in the time they were on stage. Between witnessing Jay Reatard piss off King Khan by ruining his songs or watching him stick a bouquet of flowers up his ass, I began to come around and start to feel better about the situation, and just accept that I will not be seeing Cut/Copy. Around 9:35, Bradford Cox announced that Cut/Copy will come on in 5 minutes, and I felt my heart stop. The band came on to the stage to the remainder of the crowd that had waited around for the possibility that they might play after all, the energy was extremely high as everybody had been anticipating this unlikely moment. The music started and the crowd went crazy. For the first time in my life, I was actually fucking dancing, and I don’t mean shaking back and forth. Jumping up and waving my arms to the point that I can’t breathe, I am running on nothing but testosterone, and sure it looked retarded(imagine somebody having an epileptic fit or -==-). It’s pure bliss, and I’m dancing in pool of my sweat, as well as 500 other peoples sweat, and maybe a dab of blood. It was probably the most liberating musical experience I have ever witnessed in my life and stands out as one of the most memorable performances ever.


Cut/Copy – In Ghost Colours

If you know me at all and are reading this, I know that nobody is surprised at all by this, because you’ve probably listened to this record at least 5 times just being in my presence. Anyway, this record is dear to me, and I know that I have listened to this record more than any other, and every time I listen to this record my gastrointestinal lining explodes. I’ve had so many revelations as a result of this record, I just can’t imagine what the last year would have been like without this album. Cut/Copy has somehow managed to create and texturize a dance record, that not only a narcissistic asshole dance, but also created an impression. This record is album of the year because it is a representation of what music is to me, and what I hope it will remain to be to me. 2008 = music

Cut/Copy – Nobody Lost, Nobody Found



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That was just a dream.

godspeed 2009.

coke and tang, here i come.


nounber too

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no. two recording of 2008


No Age – Nouns

Holy shit, what an incredible recording/debut. I couldn’t leave my car after purchasing this record, not at least until the album finished. No Age is definitely one of the most bad ass duo’s since Death From Above 1979. There’s something authentic in being unpolished, and this group goes beyond that realm, and makes something new and invigorating. No other words won’t describe this album, because it’s just something you need to experience first hand. Goddamn, this record is pure screeching perfection. Have a taste for yourself?


No Age – Teen Creeps

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number third.

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number three _part B


Fleet Foxes – Fleet Foxes

The LP I long anticipated, since I had gotten absolutely obsessed with the EP released in February, and it thoroughly lived up to the expectations that had been built up in my head. This record was just an expansion of their beautiful meshing of bluegrass, a bit of folk, and a dash of baroque pop, with the overwhelmingly timbre of their harmonies, this group went to lengths never even imagined in what we call modern music. This group has accomplished something that is so rare in music today, having both instrumental talent and songwriting talent, there’s no way this band will disappoint anytime soon.

Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal

number 3 PartA

Fleet Foxes – Sun Giant

Refer to my Last.Fm, I listened to this album 175 times this year, and I can tell you with great confidence that it was in short period of time and doesn’t even account for the number of times I listened to this in my car/stereo/ipod. This is the record that sold me on Fleet Foxes, and helped me rediscover a lot of things I had been missing from music for such a long time. This group did so much more with the music they created, they didn’t just play off of one genre and dwell on it, they pulled a wide array of influences and created something completely refined and refreshing. This simple 5 song EP, far supassed about 90 percent of the LP’s I own, in creation, talent, and dedication, this group will stand out as a new generations folk music for a long time to come. Sun Giant is pure artistic evolution. Fleet Foxes will remain something warm and fuzzy in my heart for a long time to come, from the tranquil summer night in Chicago I discovered just how beautiful their music was, it will remain as one of the most engaging experiences of my life.

Fleet Foxes – English House


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no. four

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Number four


The Dodos – Visiter

This band blew me away from the start. I had heard a few tracks here and there, and headed to DC to see them perform with Les Savy Fav. From the roughly 40 minute set I witnessed, I immediately became obsessed with them. From the abrasive vocals to the embracive psych folk gushing from Meric Long’s acoustic guitar, this album dropped on me like a ton of bricks, but at the same time was very forgiving. It’s the album I would listen to when I felt like I needed repentance or just understanding in a difficult situation, this album hit every note emotionally for me, and left me actually feeling somewhat complete or happy with myself. I don’t think I found any album this year that I could relate to more from such a personal level, still being to find comfort in the fact that I’ve made the mistakes that I’ve made, and have become something more fulfilled as a result. Renewal and compassion represent everything this record was to me in 2008, when I couldn’t have needed it more, and will continue to remain that way for many years to come..

The Dodos – Undeclared


Number Five

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no. 5


Department of Eagles – In Ear Park

From the moment I heard the single coming from this record month’s in advanced, I was sold. Daniel Rossen(Grizzly Bear) releases his second LP under this moniker, with a more focused and refined baroque pop, with just enough melancholy to ease all of the hearts of the Grizzly Bear fans. In Ear Park has brought me into this weird nostalgic mood, where I recall times in my life where I didn’t have a care in the world, things were all right. The recording immerses my mind, and I feel at ease, because I am free of all the misery, suffering, and violence. The beautiful, siren-esque melodies coming from guitars, as well as the tranquil vocalization, perfectly sync into bliss. Pure ephemeral bliss. The experience is thoroughly enriching, as if stepping back into a much happier time.

Department of Eagles – No One Does It Like You

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number six

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No. 6 Record of 2008


Spiritualized – Songs in A&E

This is what I would like to think of when I think of gospel music.  It is definitely the kind of music of music that would make me want to believe in something. Jason Pierce(Aka J. Spaceman) is what I would like to think of an angel, a messenger, somebody that understands and knows the righteous path. He’s a guide. His music is his word, and that music is so powerful, when you’re in its grips you see nothing but an endless ray of light and your body is paralyzed. You’re limbs won’t move, they don’t want to. It’s like that point when you’re meditating, just right before you reach that state your body is fully relaxed, and you see it coming and you realize it. Nothing can stop you at this point, and you are completely joyous because you are no longer there. At least that’s how I felt when I witnessed him on stage at the Pitchfork Festival this year. Something about his presence gave me hope, there is something to look forward to. I never wanted it to end. Songs in A&E is what the angels sing in the afterlife. Criticize me all you want, but this album is beyond incredible.


Spiritualized – Soul On Fire

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Number 7

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No. 7 Recording of 2008


Atlas Sound – Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel

Bradford Cox has always stuck out as somebody who is authentic to me. You can see it in his character, demeanor, his music and his lyrics. He is most certainly one of the most talented musicians/songwriters that is working right now. Atlas Sound his side project from Deerhunter(who also released an amazing recording this year), is all Bradford Cox, and while you can hear a bit of Deerhunter shine through, there’s something more ethereal and cerebral about this album. Once it had me in its grips, I couldn’t stop thinking about it or get the songs out of my head, they would repeat constantly, and I had to have more. It became my safe haven. This album got me out of a lot of somber funks, that nothing or nobody else could. Whether I listened to it on my headphones alone in my room, or had playing full blast in my car, driving through the rain. This album was therapeutic, and I could never ask for anything more.

Atlas Sound – Quarantined

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Mount Eerie (With Julie Doiron and Fred Squire) – Lost Wisdom

I don’t think I have felt something so powerful like this come from Phil Elverum in such a long time, way back when he went under the name, The Microphones. Although I just picked up this album last month, there’s just something so beautiful and haunting about this record, and it isn’t just that it was recorded on an 8 track reel-to-reel. The vocals so overwhelming and powerful, I feel like my fall into grace is without struggle, yet I am saved by the irresistibly bittersweet melodies of Julie Doiron. I remember something every time I hear this record, a memory, whether it be something painful or encouraging. I can remember why these things affected me in the manner they did, and can find comfort in knowing that I’ve survived all the way up to this point. Knowing these things have strengthened me, and why they have strengthened me is what makes this album incredible. It’s translates my perception of this world into musical notes so adequately, it’s hard for me to hear the thud of the reel-to-reel stopping when the draws to an end. I don’t ever want it to end. Albums like this are rare to come by. I don’t think an album has conjured these kind of feelings in me since the first time I played Either/Or by Elliott Smith. Please go try it for yourself. Thank you.

Mount Eerie (Featuring Julie Doiron And Fred Squire) – Voice In Headphones

Mount Eerie (Featuring Julie Doiron And Fred Squire) – Appetite

Mount Eerie (Featuring Julie Doiron And Fred Squire) – Grave Robbers

Everybody Robs Graves

Number 9

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No. 9 Album of 2008


M83 – Saturdays=Youth

Something about this album makes every song just as easy to digest then the one before it. Of course there isn’t anything negative about this by any means. It’s just that once I hit play, I am immediately sucked in and can’t get away from it until the record stops spinning. There’s this element of something luring and provocative to this record, that just makes me wish I was 14 again, and very confused about my identity or role in society. However, Saturdays=Youth also appears to be just as good for a 21 year old, who is still very confused about his identity and role in society. Either way, I win

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And now I will begin my annual tradition of countdown bullshit. Except this year I will refrain from being an arrogant dickhead, and only do ten as opposed to twenty-five. So, uh… here it is.

NO. Ten


Marnie Stern – This Is It and I Am It and You Are It and So Is That and He Is It and She Is It and It Is It and That Is That

This album hit me with a ton a bricks from the start. Never hearing Marnie Stern before, I expected something completely different. But no, explicit hard-rocking with a dash what seemed riot-grrl, completely flipped my expectations, and I was set. Sporadic Zach Hill drumming in god knows what time signature, in songs completely composed by finger tapping, how could I not get a boner from this record. There’s also something endearing and innocent about Marnie Sterns, that in turn makes the music even more rebellious/defiant. Something I think only a male like myself really understands.

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