Posted in Uncategorized by corytylerbowles on February 21, 2010

I have been somewhat absent due to the overly chaotic week that just occurred. However, it was quite rewarding. I have now moved into my new apartment at Grace & Meadow, back in the fan. Snack and I managed to move all of our stuff from storage into the apartment in under 3 hours. An affair that took about 7 or 8 hours earlier this month. Brilliant. In the meantime, we have gotten Fios. Something I think excites me a little too much. However, it has been an interesting week, and our new place is most excellent.

Oh, I just read something that makes me even happier I moved from Eagle Mill Apartments:

“you know that a guy who lived in one of the basement apartments went missing for like two weeks, and when his buddy went to his apartment to investigate he smelled something, so he kicked the door in and found his friend dead hanging by the neck? he had been decomposing for the entire time. that was in 2007; so, anyone living in a basement apartment at eagle mill, watch out for ghosts! it smelled so bad in that building for a while after they removed the body.”



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