no. four

Posted in Top Ten Recordings of 2008 by corytylerbowles on December 26, 2008

Number four


The Dodos – Visiter

This band blew me away from the start. I had heard a few tracks here and there, and headed to DC to see them perform with Les Savy Fav. From the roughly 40 minute set I witnessed, I immediately became obsessed with them. From the abrasive vocals to the embracive psych folk gushing from Meric Long’s acoustic guitar, this album dropped on me like a ton of bricks, but at the same time was very forgiving. It’s the album I would listen to when I felt like I needed repentance or just understanding in a difficult situation, this album hit every note emotionally for me, and left me actually feeling somewhat complete or happy with myself. I don’t think I found any album this year that I could relate to more from such a personal level, still being to find comfort in the fact that I’ve made the mistakes that I’ve made, and have become something more fulfilled as a result. Renewal and compassion represent everything this record was to me in 2008, when I couldn’t have needed it more, and will continue to remain that way for many years to come..

The Dodos – Undeclared



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