Number 7

Posted in Top Ten Recordings of 2008 by corytylerbowles on December 12, 2008

No. 7 Recording of 2008


Atlas Sound – Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel

Bradford Cox has always stuck out as somebody who is authentic to me. You can see it in his character, demeanor, his music and his lyrics. He is most certainly one of the most talented musicians/songwriters that is working right now. Atlas Sound his side project from Deerhunter(who also released an amazing recording this year), is all Bradford Cox, and while you can hear a bit of Deerhunter shine through, there’s something more ethereal and cerebral about this album. Once it had me in its grips, I couldn’t stop thinking about it or get the songs out of my head, they would repeat constantly, and I had to have more. It became my safe haven. This album got me out of a lot of somber funks, that nothing or nobody else could. Whether I listened to it on my headphones alone in my room, or had playing full blast in my car, driving through the rain. This album was therapeutic, and I could never ask for anything more.

Atlas Sound – Quarantined

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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