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Mount Eerie (With Julie Doiron and Fred Squire) – Lost Wisdom

I don’t think I have felt something so powerful like this come from Phil Elverum in such a long time, way back when he went under the name, The Microphones. Although I just picked up this album last month, there’s just something so beautiful and haunting about this record, and it isn’t just that it was recorded on an 8 track reel-to-reel. The vocals so overwhelming and powerful, I feel like my fall into grace is without struggle, yet I am saved by the irresistibly bittersweet melodies of Julie Doiron. I remember something every time I hear this record, a memory, whether it be something painful or encouraging. I can remember why these things affected me in the manner they did, and can find comfort in knowing that I’ve survived all the way up to this point. Knowing these things have strengthened me, and why they have strengthened me is what makes this album incredible. It’s translates my perception of this world into musical notes so adequately, it’s hard for me to hear the thud of the reel-to-reel stopping when the draws to an end. I don’t ever want it to end. Albums like this are rare to come by. I don’t think an album has conjured these kind of feelings in me since the first time I played Either/Or by Elliott Smith. Please go try it for yourself. Thank you.

Mount Eerie (Featuring Julie Doiron And Fred Squire) – Voice In Headphones

Mount Eerie (Featuring Julie Doiron And Fred Squire) – Appetite

Mount Eerie (Featuring Julie Doiron And Fred Squire) – Grave Robbers

Everybody Robs Graves


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